Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not out of the Woods Yet - But a Bit Better

Isabella worries about her donkey pal...

Paco is not out of the woods yet...but he ate some sweet grain for the first time today and lots of hay- so that's encouraging. We have to update the vet daily. He took his "meds" in a piece of bread and baby food (carrot)!

The vet called with the results of his blood work- oddly enough, he does not have a bacterial infection as she thought (from the gelding) - so she is guessing that he got some other virus - perhaps because he was a little more vulnerable after having surgery. If the fever doesn't go completely away in the next day or two she'll want to come recheck him.

Luigi is being a very understanding brother- he just wants his perky playmate back! But he's also pretty thrilled to be getting more than his share of the sweet grain!

Poor little donkey still under the weather. Not a typical Paco stance at all.
St. Francis blesses Paco's meds!