Friday, December 28, 2007

The Holiday Continues at the Ranch

The Holiday continues at the ranch...more visiting, eating and playing...

Karina goes for the birdie

Karina and Luigi.
Good game!
Tracy and Anthony.
The Tiens and the Tomashefskys.
John and Tracy and the Rousseaus.
Claire says goodbye to Ben.

Karina says goodbye to Sam.
Grandma Snap with Snoopy hanging behind her!
Karina and Luigi and Toby on the terrace.
Randy and his donkeys hang out.
Karina hangs on!

Drew, Dad and Karina.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas From the Ranch!!! Fun in the sun hanging out with the donkeys, playing badminton and visiting and dining...the usual holiday fare! Check out the music video at the bottom!

Christmas morning on the terrace!

Bravo is happy it is Christmas...
Playing music in the kitchen.

Professional badminton players!

Karina in position...

Waiting for the birdie!

Paul shows some style...
Paco and Luigi meet the crew!

Grandpa Tom and Bravo.
Aaron and Boulder.
Anth and Scott.
Sam on the swing!
David and Paco.

John hangs out.
Diana, John & Sam.
Jackie and Anth.
What the Colonel does on his time off!

Dad and Carl (the rabbit!) , Scott in birthday hat.

Dan is still with us.
David and John.

Diana and Carl...Jackie & Dad...

Aaron balances stuffed animals...

Ben strikes a pose, and Becky in hat!

Playing Mexican Dominoes...and Playing music Christmas morning!
Awesome Christmas Day Musical Video!