Friday, December 21, 2007

The Blog is Back!!

The blog is back!! We have a new computer at home that techie-whiz Randy set up (stayed up until one in the morning...)-- with a nice big screen for viewing photos (and the blog!).

Recent developments at the ranch include:
1) Moving the hay feeder. While this may seem like a minor change, it is not...we hauled it up the hilltop and positioned it so that "the boys" have a view while they dine...and so that they have more sunshine while they dine...and so the many neighbors that slowly drive by when they catch sight of Paco and Luigi have more opportunities to see them.
2) The addition of a new shelter. Major news!! Now the donkeys have two options of where to go to get out of the rain- the barn or the new shelter. The spoiling continues...

Donkey hugging...a hobby for the rarified few.

Luigi and his papa...

Frosty morning. Even the birds were cold.

Diana and Paco...Diana and Luigi

Randy drills holes in the feeder for drainage, and then explains the process to the boys.