Thursday, December 13, 2007

Luigi Escapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today started off like any other day at the ranch (no other ghostly sightings, despite trying to recreate the scene!)...but then late in the afternoon, I came home to find that the donkeys were not in their usual positions by the hay feeder...which seemed odd. I went inside and put away groceries and fed the dogs, etc...and then the dogs started to bark madly...I looked out the window to see our neighbor, Greg, running around in a frantic zig-zagging way- and then I saw that he was herding Luigi back up the driveway!!! Luigi had escaped! The only thing we could figure out is that he got out in the narrow gap between the fencing and the barn...Greg said he saw him walking down Ellen Lane (actually his wife spotted him first). I am SO glad that our neighbor was home and that it happened in the daylight. Paco was frantic and let me tell you, trying to capture a loose donkey is NOTHING like capturing a loose dog!! Luigi was freaked out and it took the two of us to push him back in the gate.
All's well that ends well- or how ever the saying goes- I spent two hours patching the gap (nothing like the photos here- that was before I discovered that they like to chew the wood- so the new barricade is a combo of wood and a huge tarp...until Randy comes home from tennis and comes up with a better plan!).

Checking out the new wood...hmmm...tastes pretty good! Mama better race around and find something else to cover the gap!

Luigi thinks that it is actually good to be home!