Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mystery at the Ranch

Believe me or not...but this morning I had a strange experience at the ranch. I'd been working last night and very early this morning on my Christmas card design and thinking about how Dan would have thought it was really funny (a pre-review of my card before you all receive it!). I kept thinking about him last night and how I wish he had met the donkeys, etc., etc.- and I was thinking about him again this morning when I went out to do "ranch chores". I had my camera with me, of course...you never know when a photo worthy moment might happen...and when I'd finished filling the donkeys' water bucket and was heading back up to the house, I thought the house with the Xmas tree lights on looked pretty enough to take a photo of. So I took several. Once again, I will remind you that I was thinking about Dan the whole time- even heard his laugh. Well, about half an hour later I sat down at the computer to look over my morning photos- and was QUITE surprised to find a strange form on one of the photos- COULD it be DAN?? I've never had anything like this happen before in all the thousands of photos I have taken- so I know it was not a smudge on the camera or anything like that. I choose to believe it was Dan coming to visit me and the donkeys. I plan on trying to recreate the scene tomorrow morning.

Toby has other things on his terrier mind besides the sighting of a ghost!
Paco says: Hey, as long as I get my hay I don't care what type of individual visits the ranch!
Looking cute by the cypress tree.

No matter what, playing goes on!