Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pretending it is Sunny on a Tuesday

Here's the crew, pretending there is sun out...Solo thinks he is one of the donkeys sometimes and heads to the barn with them in the evening in the hopes of getting some of their sweet grain! Today I bought a bale of straw hay to spread around in the mud in various places so the donkeys don't slip. I also ran into a client of ours who told me that she has friends who recently became donkey owners (they're empty-nesters, too)- and she could not believe how "into it" they are- the husband apparently built a state-of-the art barn with a loft and separate stalls for when the vet visits- and they've trained them to pull a cart...perhaps "Frosty" and "Pepper" (their names) will come visit Paco and Luigi one day! And Randy better start building the new barn- I want to camp out in the loft when the weather is nicer!

Luigi eats the cypress tree

Having fun without the sun!

On December 4th, 1959 a monkey sent into orbit by the US returned safely to earth. Between 1948 and 1961, monkeys were used as guinea pigs to test the biological effects of space travel before human beings were sent into orbit. In May 1959, after seven unsuccessful monkeys died due to various technical and respiratory problems, Able - a rhesus monkey - and Baker - a squirrel monkey – became the first living beings to return to earth after traveling in space for over 16,000 km. This successful attempt was followed by Sam, another rhesus monkey, who returned safely to earth on December 4th, having flown on the Little Joe 2 flight, which was part of the Mercury program.