Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Simple Saturday at the Ranch

A lazy day at the ranch...donkeys were playing, hens were molting (more on that later), dogs were running and the cat was napping...just a simple Saturday!

Trying to get their playful bites in!
Donkeys on the move...they are faster than they appear!
Luigi and Toby are starting to form a friendship...

How donkeys scratch an itch!
Toby has more patience than any terrier I've met!

Sophia hangs out in the bushes. Both of the hens are molting right now- which means they are losing feathers BIG TIME, and they have stopped laying eggs for the winter. This is in sharp contrast to the way that factory farmed hens live their lives- where among other horrific things that I won't get into, lights are kept on them all day and night to assure they keep laying eggs...NOT a normal thing for them to be doing.

It is tiring being the only feline on the ranch, but Boulder does a good job!

Little brown bird...waiting to score some chicken feed when the hens aren't looking!