Thursday, January 31, 2008

There's Now a Cow at the Ranch!

There's now a cow at the ranch! A birthday gift from Adrianne at the office. I love him! The ranch needed a cow...especially an indoor bovine that doesn't need hay or pine shavings to sleep on! So far he seems quite content hanging out with the terriers and Boulder. Today was a dark and stormy day...all that was missing to complete it was Snoopy on top of the dog house, writing his novel!

Isabella & Sophia are sick of the weather. They hung out in their house today.
Poor Boulder- every once in a while I force him outside. He hates it when it is raining.
Rainy day blues!

How we spent part of the evening...
Snug, snug and snug for the indoor animals...poor donkeys!

Thanks to Dad & Deb for a Birthday Donation to the Humane Society!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Birthday at the Ranch!!!

A super birthday at the ranch!! Randy spent the whole day with me and we had a lot of fun! Starting with a stop to buy our new member of the family- the giant rooster!! He looks like he's always been here...everyone likes him. Also went out to a great lunch & made a stop at the video store for a relaxing movie night tonight...all in all I had a great 34th - WHOOPS- 43rd birthday!!!
Vegan carrot cake!
The new rooster!

He fits right in!
My boys in the morning...

Ridiculous photo of the video store.

Hey, Paco! Why don't you do that funny kick-thing to Papa again?

Duplicate photo. The techie problems continue!

Randy plays with Paco.

Vegan boots I ordered-a gift from the Tomashefskys!

Franklin D. Roosevelt shares my birthday!
Thanks to Snap for the Californians for Humane Farms Birthday Donation- only a few weeks left for the campaign!!! Check out the Happy Birthday Video-a song written and performed by Karina!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Terrific Tuesday at the Ranch

I should call this "Tech Tuesday" instead- problems with techie things! I took some wonderful (if I may say so) photos late this afternoon- the typical donkeys playing, etc.- and then somehow managed to erase all of them- after first somehow making 800 duplicates on the computer (which took forever to get rid of)...AND I'm still having some problems with text on this blog- so the photos won't have captions today. That aside, we watched a WONDERFUL movie on Animal Planet last night- all about a man who takes in orphaned grizzly cubs in Russia and cares for them until they are old enough to fend for themselves...if you google "bear man of kamchatka" you can read more about it!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Marvelous Monday at the Ranch

(trouble with the text today- couldn't fix it and don't know why- so have fun reading!)
Monday is just another day to the donkeys! Once again there was enough break in the weather to run around and be frisky. Boulder has been hanging out with the hens lately- he is very comfortable just lounging around while they walk right by him! And obviously they are comfortable, too...in fact, it seems like our animals get along better than most people do!

200+ pounds jump around!
A lunch time rain cloud!
The sight I see when I come home...patiently waiting for their next flake of hay...

Boulder and the hens.

Poor Bravo still on "house arrest"...watching the birds on the terrace!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Rainy Sunday at the Ranch

Rainy and windy on and off today...just a few dry spells for the donkeys to run around and take their dust baths (really MUD baths!) AND dance to some harmonica music! The humans at the ranch spent the day cleaning out the basement, cabins & closets...a big improvement but still more to work on. Randy is turning the basement area into a workshop with all his tools neatly organized, and the front cabin just may become a little music studio! Then the hens, donkeys, dogs and Boulder can hang out in the cabin on rainy days...

Ah...a refreshing "mud" bath!
Paco and his "casual" look...
And so, Paco...you go to the fence line and give one of your loud hee-haws, and I'll stand back here and look cute and she'll just HAVE to bring us some more hay!
Playing in the afternoon.

Luigi sure loves his "papa"!

Check out the video at the bottom!