Saturday, January 5, 2008

Big Storm of 2008

The first big storm of '08 was wild and windy! Our power went out almost immediately and stayed off for nearly 36 hours. The only romantic thing about having no power is the candlelight- everything else is GRIM! Paco and Luigi huddled in the far corner of their barn on the first really stormy night of their lives...I hung out with them (not all night, of course) and the three of us sat around the barn listening to the wind howl.

Paco and Luigi play while the flood waters rush by!

Hey, Paco! This storm thing isn't so bad- we get company in the barn this way!
The donkeys play during the brief break in the weather...

The view from the kitchen window.
Randy enjoys his new book during a dry spell.
Lucky for us, we live on a hill!
Ready for the ball- rain, sleet or snow!
Slippery when wet!

Catching the leaks on the first morning...
Boulder enjoys some dry-off time with his "mama".
Candlelight....like I said, the only romantic thing about losing power!
Big news, aside from the storm...one of the hens produced an egg- the first after a long molting!

Isabella still looks like a little orphan with hardly any feathers!
The amazing first egg after the long molt!
Right after the egg came, the power came back on...coincidence, or...?

Paco enjoys some brief sunshine while Randy reads by the camper light!

The bleak side of no power- hand washing dishes!