Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bravo's Big Trip to the Vet on a Saturday

Quite the Saturday...spent almost two hours at the vet with Bravo this morning. He was getting his annual exam and also that limp examined that he's had since Christmas Eve. The annual exam went fine (except the usual he needs to go on a diet routine...he weighs a whooping 23.7 pounds), but the limp- even though he's been running full-tilt without any signs of stopping- is more serious than we thought. Turns out poor little Boog-Man (just one of his many nicknames) has a knee problem and if it doesn't go away with rest and medication, he'll need knee surgery! We decided to get a second opinion first before rushing into the very pricey and involved surgery, however...

Little Bravo has no idea what may be in store for him.

The hens had a lot of fun in the dirt pile today!
Isabella eyes Randy's wine!
Solo and Paco enjoy the sunshine.

Little birds sneaking the chicken food!

Luigi scratches himself on the bench.
Boulder prowls around.
Waiting for some fresh hay!

Finding goodies in the dirt pile.