Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fog, Hail, and a Walk Down the Road

Cold and foggy day at the ranch...it even hailed in the afternoon- I missed the excitement because I was at the grocery store...but Randy was home to help "the boys" make it to the barn. He said they were just standing under the Poplar tree when the hail hit. This big drop in temperature makes me REALLY glad that we have power!

Goofing off by Barney's fence, and walking down Ellen Lane...
Paco gives Luigi a little morning nibble!

Heading down to see how Barney and the horses did during the big storm!
The beautiful Tennessee Walker- we can't remember her name!
Barney tells Paco that the storm wasn't ANY fun!

Luigi gets more and more brave each time we go for a visit...
Oak in the morning fog.
Donkeys in the mist...somewhere!
Isabella on the left and Sophia on the right...they enjoy the aftermath of a storm...lots of little bugs to eat!

Aerial view of Bravo on the terrace.