Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...Who is the Fairest Donkey of them All?

Thanks to a great idea by Grandpa Tom (extraordinary grandparent to Paco and Luigi!), I took a mirror out to the barn today to see what the donkeys would do...photos don't really give the full story- they were beside themselves!! Paco in particular did a little show for the donkey in the mirror- snorted and kicked up his heels...Luigi ran in and out of the barn. It was HILARIOUS.
They were very interested. Next I'll have to try it out on the hens!

Paco checks out behind the mirror!

Part of Paco's little show for the donkey in the mirror- I could not get all of it on film because I was afraid of being kicked!
Note their ears...a sign of great interest!
Gee, Luigi...I had NO idea we were so cute!!
Look at my teeth!

Luigi wasn't too sure about all of it.
Started the day off with an incredible sunrise!
Sunrise reflects off the flood waters below.
Paco wonders why I have to take a photo of everything.
Rare sitting arrangement- Paco sitting like a dog!