Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Birthday at the Ranch!!!

A super birthday at the ranch!! Randy spent the whole day with me and we had a lot of fun! Starting with a stop to buy our new member of the family- the giant rooster!! He looks like he's always been here...everyone likes him. Also went out to a great lunch & made a stop at the video store for a relaxing movie night tonight...all in all I had a great 34th - WHOOPS- 43rd birthday!!!
Vegan carrot cake!
The new rooster!

He fits right in!
My boys in the morning...

Ridiculous photo of the video store.

Hey, Paco! Why don't you do that funny kick-thing to Papa again?

Duplicate photo. The techie problems continue!

Randy plays with Paco.

Vegan boots I ordered-a gift from the Tomashefskys!

Franklin D. Roosevelt shares my birthday!
Thanks to Snap for the Californians for Humane Farms Birthday Donation- only a few weeks left for the campaign!!! Check out the Happy Birthday Video-a song written and performed by Karina!