Sunday, January 13, 2008

Red Shouldered Hawks on a Sunday at the Ranch

What an amazing day- more sunshine! Randy spotted two red-shouldered hawks and I tried my best to capture the sight with my camera. One of the hawks usually hangs out on the telephone wire near our property, but this is the first time we've seen two hanging out. The donkeys enjoyed another long walk and met a neighbor and his border collie, Chase, for the first time...both Paco and Luigi did very well for encountering a strange dog. We think that Barney and the horses look as forward to our visits as we do!
Two Red-Shouldered Hawks...

Heading down Ellen Lane!
This is the sight we first encounter when we round the bend...The two horses and Barney!
Diana and Luigi...

Everyone is well-behaved and curious!

Toby has no clue who is behind him.
Starting off...Papa and "his boys"!

Noon time hugs!
Paco acts all casual by resting his head on Luigi's back...Luigi is brave...Barney the sixteen-year-old donkey!

Lots of excitement over the arrival of the wheelbarrow in the pasture today!
Solo sings!

Our amazing view!

Bravo rests on the window seat.

Toby first thing in the morning...with a ball!
Bird on the wheelbarrow wheel.
Paco stretches!
Love the wheelbarrow!