Thursday, February 28, 2008

Burn and Work Day at the Ranch!

A burn and work day at the ranch! Randy hired two nice workers- Pablo and another man (can't pronounce or spell his name) and between the three of them a lot was done at the ranch today...the huge pile of gravel is now gone and the three big burn piles are, well, burnt! The donkeys were very interested in watching all the activity going on. And the canine patient enjoyed his LAST day with the cast on- we wrote on it for good luck!

Who is this guy in the white suit?
One of the three piles.

Hot work.

Pablo and the other guy enjoy lunch while the donkeys enjoy their hay.
Randy sends up smoke signals.
Job well done- and now there's more pasture to fence for the boys!
The fresh gravel!

Putting out the fires.
The canine patient and his last day with a cast.

Boulder in the afternoon sun ray.

I made vegan biscuits!!
Terriers in the kitchen.
Both hens at the door today.
It is easier to confine all three dogs instead of just Bravo!

Biscuit with jam...and the canine patient eyes the biscuit (the dogs all got a little taste!).