Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chaos, then Calm for the Canine Patient at the Ranch

It was a frantic morning at the ranch...but turned out to be a nice & calm day! I took Bravo's Fentanyl Patch off as directed by the vet-- and even as careful as I was he must have somehow ingested some of it and soon after was throwing up, panting and drooling...it was very scary. After a call to the emergency vet, who told us to come straight in, Bravo suddenly improved (he probably wanted to avoid going to what Randy calls "the evil place" again!)...and to make a long story short, he continue to improve throughout the day, and by the evening was even chewing a bone- the first since the operation!
We did find out some sad news, however...our neighbor's dog, Bruno, had to be put down this week- he was Bravo's great enemy...Bravo lived for racing down to Bruno's house and likewise with Bruno. Bruno is also the dog who one by one stole a bag full of toys belonging to our dogs (his owners returned them annually). Bruno was a spunky and sweet little poodle and we'll miss seeing his little black face. Solo and Bruno would actually hang out together sometimes. Randy must now live with the fact that the last time he saw Bruno, he threw a rock at him (apparently Bruno was making his mark on the outside of the donkey barn while Randy was in the hot tub- so the only recourse he had was to toss the rock).

Not a very dignified look.

The donkeys haven't quite received enough attention in recent days.

Cute bird and beautiful Sophia!