Monday, February 25, 2008

A Day of Fresh Air and Sunshine for the Canine Patient

Fresh air and sunshine for our little canine patient! I made the deck safe for Bravo to hang out on today (nothing to jump up on) and he loved being out of his pen and with his brothers....of course I was there to make sure that the other dogs didn't get too close to the Fetanyl patch on Bravo and to make sure Bravo didn't fall over or chew his cast, which unfortunately he started to do this evening (chewing)...other than that, he's been a star patient!

Catching some healing rays of sunlight.

Leash life.
Boulder and the hens.

The girls eat a lot now that they're both back to laying eggs.

Boulder by the cabin...a blue jay hides from my camera...a bird in black and white.

Poor, poor little Bravo. They might as well have put his whole body in a cast!
Solo was quick to nab the best bed for the day.
Note the hens behind the donkeys- they're making their way up from the neighbor's house, where I'm sure they've been leaving their mark digging for grubs!