Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Thrilling Thursday at the Ranch

Isabella poses.

The weather report was wrong! No rain until this evening...so the donkeys were happy to lounge around in the dust today. Paco in particular took a long nap at lunchtime. He is very relaxed when I come into the pasture when he is napping...barely budges. Today Luigi kept stepping over him and nudging him (just like an annoying brother would) until he finally stood up!
Boulder snuck in quite a few cat naps and then hung out with the dogs. Just another thrilling Thursday at the ranch!

The canine patient scopes things out.
A dog perfectly happy to be with his ball.

Boulder, once again, thinks he is one of the dogs.
What a donkey napping looks like. So relaxed that his teeth are showing a bit.
Luigi disturbs Paco.
Paco gets up!
The only feline surveys the yard.

Caught napping!
Solo shared the bed with Bravo today...unusual!

Relaxing still by the Poplar tree.

"Come on, Paco! Let's go play!"
The animals and Randy get cozy for the basketball game.

The turkeys walk by the donkeys in the morning.

Spring grass!