Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blossoms and Burn Piles on the First Tuesday of March at the Ranch

Spring is in the air at the ranch- the trees are blossoming and the birds are singing!
Randy stayed home and tended to another huge burn pile today...I'm starting to think he might be a pyromaniac!! The canine patient was getting a tad impatient today...I might have to start calling him the "impatient patient"...he just wants to get off his leash SO bad. His grandma Snap suggested that he mark off the days on a calendar until his "inactive period" is up...which is the second week of April. Great idea!

Peach tree in blossom.

The Grevilla in blossom.

My smoothie...which matches the blossoms! Raspberry, strawberry & mango blended with soy yogurt and protein powder. Vegan, of course...

Bravo's stitches...Toby with the usual ball pose, and Toby in black and white...

So often I come across Boulder and Isabella in the same vicinity. I think they like one another!
Randy the pyro man!
The boys sniff around the embers.
The grazing is great these days. So great, in fact, that I have to cut back on the hay!

A jet leaves a mark in the evening sky.