Friday, March 21, 2008

Bravo Gets a "Thumbs Up" from the Vet and Other Exciting Ranch News

Bravo got a "thumbs up" from the vet today...he said he is doing great. We got a new exercise to add to the physical therapy routine...it is called "dancing" and basically involves holding up Bravo's front paws and "dancing" him around! Now I can start taking him on "medium speed" walks for 20-30 minutes a day. He will be thrilled to start that. In other ranch news, we rearranged the fencing again so we actually gain more space...and the donkeys get the great oak tree to hang out under. They are very happy. They must think they are in donkey paradise!
Toby and Solo on the driveway.

A wild turkey flies out of the coop.
The girls find some shade.
The wild turkeys have, I must admit, become pests.
Just another happy creature at the ranch.
Spot Paco and Luigi running madly through their new area...

Loving the new oak tree.

Eggs from today.
"Gee, Weegie...I can't believe our luck lately"!
Munching on the redwood tree.

Exciting dirt pile.

Boulder at alert.

I love the geese that fly by.
My, my, my. It is tough being a canine patient.
Large expansive pasture!
Waiting for spilled chicken feed.
The girls and Boulder in the morning.