Monday, March 3, 2008

The Canine Patient Improves on a Monday at the Ranch

The canine patient is showing signs of improvement! His energy is definitely almost completely back- which is both a blessing and a curse...now I am realizing how hard it really is going to be to keep a Jack Russell terrier "inactive" for six weeks! Any suggestions other than just giving him sedatives would be appreciated...I could play some soothing music, rent some interesting dog videos (calming ones), teach him a foreign language, take him to yoga...I actually have no idea what I'll be doing to keep him from being his bouncy self- I'll do my best!

Boulder loves to bask.

This stupid fluffy bone has temporarily replaced Toby's ball.
Bravo's on a short leash...but at least he can spend time outdoors!

Randy comes home and plays for his boys.

Paco gets in a good dust bath!
Nice to have dust instead of mud!
Paco stares and stares at the horses across the way.
The canine patient dreams of being free again.

The hens search for lunch around the fountain.