Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Canine Patient's Last Day in Stitches at the Ranch

Just one more day to go...and Bravo will be stitch-free! Which is really great because he is starting to try to undo them himself. Besides that and some dental woes of my own, all is well at the ranch...another busy day with animals doing their thing! Paco and Luigi are eating fresh grass non-stop...so I have to do some research to find out how much hay to cut back on. We don't want our donkeys getting fat. Apparently when donkeys get fat, it is REALLY hard for them to lose the extra weight...not to mention how embarrassing it would be to say that my donkeys are on a diet!
Solo gets the fluffy bone toy!
Once again, it isn't easy being the only feline at the ranch...
Another cute little bird hanging out.
Graze, graze, graze!

Toby never gives up.
Solo on the driveway.

I gave Isabella a cracker (Sophia was in the coop laying her egg), and she didn't want to eat it in front of me and zoomed off with it in her mouth to eat it by the tractor.
Weegie would look cute fat, but it is not going to happen!
The dog party in the tree from "Go, Dog, Go"!
Poor little canine patient. He's getting pretty tired of life behind bars.

Luigi wants to say hi to Solo.

Toby in the tall grasses.