Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dead Hummingbird and Other Ranch Stuff

Dead hummingbird doesn't sound like much of a title for today's blog...but I have never had the chance to get such a close up view of a hummingbird before- they are BEAUTIFUL! Randy found this little guy (or girl) near the badminton net...perhaps he or she flew into it. The green and orange colors are amazing- it looks like sequins on the neck! So even though the poor little hummer is on to better things, it was great to examine up close. If you're into those things, of course. Which I am! In other ranch news, the hens continue to be hungry, hungry, hungry...I have to buy them some chicken scratch that they like better. The canine patient is still rearing to go, and Boulder has been hanging out with the dogs...and the donkeys are being donkeys...life is good at the ranch!

Hummingbird in Randy's hand.
Amazing colors.
Boulder stares out the window.

Tiny little thing.

Purple flower.
Purple flower in canine patient's collar.
Bravo has no idea I stuck a flower on him.

Getting some outdoor time.

Toby, toby, toby.

Hungry hens.

Paco and Luigi charge me.

Hens snack on bread pieces.