Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The East and West Pasture on a Windy Wednesday at the Ranch

Now that our donkey pasture is so big, we realized we actually have two pastures: the east and the west pastures! The boys have been hanging out in the west pasture where the grass is longest. I can no longer see them from the house when they go down the hill on the "west pasture". The "east pasture" has the beautiful oak tree in it now, and they like to hang out there, too. Imagine how confusing this blog would be if we owned a REAL ranch with lots of acreage!
The boys in the west pasture.

Paco in the east pasture.
The canine patient is perfecting his pathetic look.

Solo- not once, but twice!

Weegie helps with the pasture clean-up.

Sophia in the tall grass.
Boulder pretends to be stalking something.
The girls don't like windy days.
One of the hundreds of birds we seem to have around!
Solo caught going into the barn! He likes to pee in there, which is beyond annoying.

Canine collision.