Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Extra Hour of Daylight for Bird Watching, Donkey Walking and Other Fun Stuff on a Sunday at the Ranch

It was nice to have the light longer in the evening today...although waking up to the pitch black this morning wasn't much fun! The donkeys had a long-overdue walk down to see Barney and the horses, and I spent some time "talking" to Isabella today...she has been freaking out every time she's separated from Sophia (when Sophia goes in the coop to lay her egg)...you'd think a predator was after her! Actually, today I DID catch the big neighbor cat showing too much interest in her. So I threw a rock at him (animal lover that I am, nothing is going to get my hens!). I just realized that for the first blog in a long time, there are no Bravo photos this time...rest assured the canine patient is doing fine...had more physical therapy today...I think I may need a different kind of therapy by the time this "inactive" period is up!
I take control of the reins, so to speak....Luigi says hi to Barney!

Everyone was happy to see one another.

Boulder's classic cat look.

Crows hanging out.

Solo plays again.

Father Turkey!

Boulder joins the girls for lunch.

Sophia in the sunlight.

Isabella in her freak-out mode.

Weegie in the morning sun.