Monday, March 31, 2008

First Fly Predators of the Season Arrive in the Mail at the Ranch

The first fly predators of the season have arrived! I remember how grossed out I was the first time we received our fly predators package. First of all, fly predators are little bugs that eat fly eggs...hence helping keep down the fly population around the pasture, which is a very good thing. All you have to do is wait until you see some crawling around in the envelope (that's the creepy part)...and then you sprinkle them around where the manure is (o.k., that's kind of creepy, too!) and hope that they do their job. My problem with them last year is that after carefully sprinkling the fly predators around, I looked out the window to see a bunch of wild turkeys gobbling them up! So I've learned to wait until nightfall. Lots to learn here at the ranch...
Here's how they look before they "hatch"!

Cooped up canines.

Paco and Luigi were in good moods today!

Dust bath time.

First lilac of the season.
Ah- ha! The boys BETWEEN the East and West Pastures!

Sophia calmly lays an egg.
The girls eating corn....and I was so happy to get this thank-you note from a co-worker who brought her grandkids for a donkey visit last week! I love it!

Boulder being Boulder.

Solo and Toby play.

My rather scary canine patient!