Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fresh Air and Sunshine for the Canine Patient on the First Day of March at the Ranch

The canine patient got some much-needed sunshine and fresh air today...and some cone-free time! As long as I'm around him to discourage him from picking at his stitches, he can have some cone-free time...and he thoroughly enjoyed it, although he is definitely not yet back to his spunky old self-- and hasn't put any weight down on his new & improved leg. We figure that by the second week of April, if all goes well, he'll be able to run free!
The little wounded one.

Sniffing outside- one of his favorite things to do!

Toby and the ridiculous toy.

Hilarious donkeys.

Karina at her job at the cafe! And her friend Joey, playing guitar!

Bravo rests.
Randy continues to work at the ranch...taking down lots and lots of limbs!

Randy plays harmonica while the boys eat dinner.

Mower man is back!
Toby checks in on the patient.
He hates this.
The vet tech said I should put him on our roof to see if we get more channels!
Solo has been a very good older brother.

What? Mower man again! Whoops.
Bravo sleeps in my old t-shirt...Randy with Bravo and Boulder.

Saying good morning to the boys.

Bravo's had about enough of all the fuss!