Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Go, Dog Go!... at the Ranch

Bravo read my favorite book today...
Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman. It was and STILL is my favorite book! And perfect for the canine patient...I think now he expects a dog party in a tree. The true challenge of keeping a Jack Russell terrier "inactive" is proving to be a tough one...even when I double up the leash, Bravo still really runs rather than walks when I take him outside. Hopefully he is staying "inactive" enough for the scar tissue to build up around the new piece of nylon holding together his cruciate (doesn't that sound "vet-like"? Cruciate, cruciate, cruciate...). In other ranch news, I got my hair cut today- four inches off!

Best book ever. Makes me want to be a dog (one of the dogs in the book!).
Solo was not impressed.
Toby is just looking at you-know-what. (Rhymes with hall, small, tall...)
Bravo is back to chewing on bones!

My new hair cut and my canine patient.

Note Toby peering around the corner.
This bird does a good job of blending in!

Turkeys in the evening light.
Crow perching.
What a funny little Toby expression!
Luigi goofs off.
Papa talks things over with Luigi.

The rooster has moved to a more central spot in the yard.
Solo stepping out!
Boulder pretends to be a dog.
Randy's official photo of my new hair cut.
Green, green grass!!

It is tough being the only feline.
The girls discuss the morning.

Dinnertime for the donkeys.