Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from the Rousseau Ranch!

Happy Easter!!! What a great day...starting with a wonderful brunch at Grandma Snap's house
and ending with the traditional egg hunt at the Rousseau Ranch! Paco & Luigi got into the spirit by wearing bunny ears (for about two seconds) before the guests arrived (for photos purposes only)...then they pretty much disappeared for the rest of the day, still exploring their new expanded pasture. The hens disappeared, too...they were probably worried about somebody coming and taking their eggs!

"You know, Paco...I can only take this for so many more holidays...and then I draw the line..."
Karina, Diana (whoops, that's me!) and Aaron and Toby on the hillside.

Karina and Aaron.
The holiday badminton game.

Hot day!

The terrace crew.
Claire joins Karina & Aaron.

The brothers play badminton.
Claire and the Canine Patient.
Randy & Scott look for the missing eggs.

Grandma Snap doles out the $$$!!!

Drew & Scott.
Uncle Randy & Anthony.
Scott is a very enthusiastic player.

...and so is Drew!
Grandma Snap points out an egg.

Note the yellow egg in front of Anthony!
I double as the Easter Bunny!
Such energy!
The dogs help.

Drew with his eagle eyes.

Aaron tries to act interested...Anth scores!

I'm a lucky Aunt!

These deviled eggs Snap made from Isabella & Sophia's eggs!
Aaron...where did that little "muffin head" go???

Scott and the boys.
180 eggs that Grandma Snap filled with candy and "monetary slips".
I get ready to hide the eggs.
It isn't easy looking for hard-to-find places.
Patty & Anthony.


Eggs from our hens.

Paco & Luigi in their bunny ears.