Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring at the Ranch!

Happy First Day of Spring!
A beautiful day here at the ranch...Paco and Luigi are still super happy with their bigger pasture and as far as we could tell spent most of the day grazing in the new area. When you consider that their "world" is really the enclosed area, it really is a big deal when a change happens...and I'm really happy that we have enough land for them to run around on. Plus, Randy can pretty much put the mower away now (although he seems to like his rider mower)!

Beautiful flower.

By the corral there is a section of the fencing that crosses, and Paco and Luigi like to get on opposite sides and hang out there. Who knows what they are thinking!
Paco and his gate game again: brings the gate forward with his mouth and then releases, and then repeats...soon he'll have the concept down and will figure out how to open the main gate!
The girls get a treat- blueberries!
My circus dog.

The hens like the new pasture, too.
Very sad canine patient. He has another vet appointment tomorrow.
The boys come into the corral to say hi.
The only feline catches some rays.
New growth on the new orange tree!

The new orange tree...and me...with orange hair!
They can't get enough of the new grass.

Boulder holds a flower.
"Look ma, no paws!"

Bravo wishes he could be off the leash!