Friday, March 7, 2008

"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"...LITERALLY, at the Ranch...

Last night while moving the canine patient (a.k.a. "Prince") he suddenly snapped at me...missed my hand but put a nice little hole in my shirt sleeve. And this after weeks of taking care of his every little need...this is the thanks I get!! I forgive him, of course...I should know better and just let a sleeping dog lie...and he WAS sleeping.
Today Bravo went to the vet and got his stitches out. The vet was impressed with how fast he is healing, but warned that he might be trying to do too much too soon...he showed me some physical therapy moves (takes two people- one to hold the dog down, the other to flex the leg!) and said that when I take Bravo out for walks, it needs to be SLOW- like a wedding march! YE GODS! How is this even possible? I asked. He suggested taking Bravo out with the leash attached to his collar instead of the halter- that way if he is going too fast I can pull back and he'll get kind-of a choke effect and should slow down...but I know Jack Russells...and I've never seen one walk as slow as people do in the wedding march!! We'll just have to do the best we can...
In other ranch news, we bought a new (to us) truck today...it will be featured on tomorrow's blog!

On the way to the vet...

The vet assistant with Bravo- they all love him there!
Back at the vet AGAIN.

What a great surprise...Papa showed up at the end of the appointment...Bravo was SO excited!!
Here they are outside "the evil place".

The girls go inside for the night...Paco and Weegie have their bedtime sweet grain snack...Boulder relaxes with Papa.
Wild turkeys hang out with the donkeys this morning!