Monday, March 10, 2008

March Madness Time at the Ranch

March Madness time at the ranch...I think that might be a term applied to basketball or something...but here it refers to the usual craziness of living with two donkeys, three dogs, two hens and a cat! The canine patient is BORED and ready to run around...and he can't. So he is being a bit of a grouch. The hens are suddenly hungry all of the time, and when I walk outside they'll zoom after me (I have to get a video of that- it is pretty funny) looking for food. They're not that happy with the usual chicken scratch- they like kitchen table scraps best!

What the grass sees before it is eaten.
Bravo's had enough of the lounging routine.
Beautiful sunset this evening.

Sure is rough being the only feline. Some cat has to do it.
Exhausting work, really.

Boulder thinks he is one of the dogs.
Isabella likes to perch on the old bread oven.

Not my favorite toy. It squeaks!
Watching t.v. in the den!
Donkeys in the early morning.

Toby tries to hone in on Solo's special time.