Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The New & Improved Donkey Pasture at the Ranch!!!

A very exciting day at the ranch...we put in the new fencing we bought yesterday and it made the donkey pasture a lot bigger- much bigger than we thought it would! Paco and Luigi are thrilled! They ran around kicking up their heels (literally) and checking things out...and then they remained there for the rest of the day, except for an evening mad run around the ENTIRE pasture- now it is really a long loop! And at the end of the day our neighbors stopped by to say hi...Briley is the world's most fearless toddler...she laughs and laughs at the donkeys!

Briley has an All Terrain Wagon- it even says "ATW" on the side!
Randy makes sure Paco behaves.
Luigi says hi to Greg & Briley.
just a duplicate photo.

Paco samples the new grass by the moonlight.
Wild donkeys check out their new digs!

Boulder takes a nap upstairs.
Randy watches his happy donkeys.
Dust bath in the old burn pile spot!!

Their aunt Pat has offered to give the boys a bath at Easter.
This is me, holding up a portion of the fencing while Randy adds new panels.
Wild turkeys helping out.

Randy checks the angle.