Friday, March 14, 2008

The New Pooper-Scooper at the Ranch!!

Pretty exciting news at the ranch...Randy came home this evening with a surprise for me...a new pooper-scooper on wheels! He's seen me cleaning up the pasture with the big red bucket and lugging it up the hill with two donkeys in tow...not an easy task. This should make it much easier...and the donkeys love it! In other news, we've had an invasion of wild turkeys lately. We used to let Bravo run after them, but the poor canine patient is banned from that activity for a while...so I chased them off myself today. I like them but they can become pesty, eating the hen food and anything else laying around. More to come on a future blog...a video of the new scooper in use!!

Luigi & Paco investigate.

Tastes pretty good, too!

"Hey Paco! It has WHEELS!"
Toby and Solo have been sharing "special time" lately...
Boulder and the yellow flower.

Solo howling!

The ridiculous blue squeaky toy.

My poor, poor little canine patient. When will it ever end?
Solo goes to make a move...

Solo did eventually get the blue toy...I just didn't get it on film!
Sophia in the early morning.

Paco is quite the napper lately!

The invasion of the wild turkeys...

Note the one turkey in the air.
This guy got separated from the group, which always freaks them out.
Maybe he wants to try out my new pooper-scooper!
Just a regular turkey convention.

Paco and Luigi love all the excitement.