Saturday, March 8, 2008

The New (to us) Truck at the Ranch!

The ranch has a new truck- a great Ford 250! Everyone is excited...even the donkeys, because their "papa" has mentioned that this is the type of truck we could take them places in! Randy spent most of the day detailing the truck, including taking off some neon stripes...I had to admit it looked better without them. Tomorrow I may take it to pick up some ranch supplies- pine shaving bedding for the boys, some feed for the hens and a jumbo size bag of dogfood! In other news, Bravo had his first physical therapy session (with us) today...and I got several phone calls from a friend who had rescued a Jack Russell terrier...he'd been left for the weekend tied up with hardly any water and no shade!! She "dognapped" him and I give her my full support...I wonder if we'll end up with a fourth Jack Russell??????

It looks as big as the house!
Bravo approves...as long as we're not going to the vet!
Randy takes off the stripe with my hairdryer!!

Randy listening to music. He is such a truck guy.
Weegie in the almost-spring grass.

The boys go wild before bedtime!

Loud little chirper on the fence.
Weegie just loves this grass.

Paco and his "mama" pose for the camera. Look how huge his nostrils are compared to mine!
The canine patient still takes it easy.
Bravo and Boulder.
Solo's special time!

Don't know why these repeat photos happen and I can't get them off.
Snuggle puppies.
Photo taken by Snap on our weekly outing!
Geese on the trail.

A heron