Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rain is on the Way on a Wednesday at the Ranch

We've all been spoiled here at the ranch with the wonderful weather...but according to the internet, rain is on the way. Just as Paco and Luigi have established their favorite new & dry dust bath spots! I got new chicken scratch for the hens today, so they are happier...above they are scrounging for grubs by the new truck. And that's about it for new news at the ranch...can't be exciting EVERY day!
Beautiful sunshine soon to be gone.
Boulder joins in during Solo's special time!

Paco and his "casual look"!

Just another well-fed bird.
"Hey, Mom...how do I look?"
Toby in sepia.
Very frisky donkeys this evening. Almost scary!

Isabella lays an egg. For the first time, I ALMOST saw it happen...I opened the door to the coop just as she had produced the egg and she was VERY protective of it!

Interesting cloud formation, but probably not Dan visiting...

I love these cows across the way. There are five of them and they really have a routine. Paco and Luigi love to watch them!
Donkeys in the morning fog.

The canine patient is bored with it all!

The Gray Hair Update:
Month Number Three...and the roots are definitely showing!!