Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sunshine, Rain & Hail on a Saturday at the Ranch

A day of mixed weather (even hail!) and cabin fever for the terriers at the ranch...Toby has been particularly antsy today, and was even more manic than usual with the toy and the ball outside! He is getting tired of the cage routine with the canine patient indoors (aren't we all). Still weeks to go before we get the o.k. from the vet to be "cage and leash free". Believe me, we are marking the calendar...I can't wait to have the house back without all these wire enclosures around!

Two little happy donkeys.
Paco is trying to show me where his itch is on his nose so I can scratch it. Seriously.
The girls hang out on the terrace.
Toby shows off his no-paw style.

The playing duo again.

I tried to hide this toy yesterday, but Toby found it!
Toby dives for the squeaky toy.

I should take him on the road!
Boulder has been slightly annoyed today.

Just the typical sight...dog, cat and hens.
Here comes the rain.

Weegie's turn at napping today!

Paco stands guard while Luigi rests.
"Paco...WHY does she always have to take photos of us?"

Don't you just want to hug him?
Duck and cool oak with lichen on morning walk with Snap in Graton.

Smiling Luigi.

The hens discuss Easter and eggs...coming soon!