Friday, March 28, 2008

Who Invited the Rain Back to the Ranch???

A rainy day at the ranch! It is a bit of a shock, after all the nice weather...but the animals soon adjusted and did their usual rainy day routines (meaning that Boulder refused to go outside!). I took the new truck to get a load of hay before the weather turned ("weather turned"...listen to me! I sound like we live in Montana!). I love the new truck- very easy to drive! I felt like a true cowgirl driving home with a load of hay and pine shavings!

Boulder and his rainy day antics.
This one looks like he's in a studio, posing!

Toby and Bravo nap by the laundry.
Isabella isn't too keen on getting wet!
The turks pass behind Luigi...and he doesn't notice!
Munching on debris in the West Pasture.

Sophia comes out of the coop for dinner.
Randy says a quick goodbye to his boys.
Paco doing the donkey shuffle.
Luigi sees me putting hay in the dining shelter.

The girls dine with some strange turkeys.