Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cow that Started "Farm Sanctuary" Dies...and Broken Water Pipe & Other Ranch Stuff on a Saturday

I had just finished reading the newly-published book "Farm Sanctuary", about the rescue farms started in upstate New York and in California to shelter poor farm animals injured or left for dead in factory farms when I read on their website that the "founder" cow, Opie, just died. There are some adorable photos and a YouTube video of Opie on their website (see link at bottom). Opie was a "downer" cow left for dead when he was rescued, and although he was given a 5% chance of surviving, with medical attention and a new home at Farm Sanctuary he ended up living 18 years! I would have liked to have met him...I am going to visit the Farm Sanctuary in California some time soon. In other ranch news, "Mower Man" is back for the season, and in keeping with ranch tradition, he mowed over and broke the water pipe. FUN! All else is well at the ranch...another warm day and another day where the turks seem to be moving in permanently...I have to talk to them about that! Here's the author of "Farm Sanctuary" with Opie the cow...

Mower Man walks down to turn off the main water line...

The turks. I might as well name them!
Mower Man mows on Ellen Lane.

The hens scurry to safety.

Weegie thinks.

Little bird wonders where dinner is.
Boulder does, too!
Here you can see the ranch across the way. Big horse trailer!

Isabella has a lot to say.

The turks in the early morn.