Monday, April 7, 2008

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly...at the Ranch

An Update from the Ranch! The Good: Luigi is 75% better today- walking almost normally...so the vet said to just keep an eye on it and if there's no improvement, he'll come out. The Bad: We don't know what is wrong with poor Solo until we get the blood tests back tomorrow. The Ugly: Just as the vet was trying to obtain a fecal sample, Solo spurted "the trots" (sorry...but news here at the ranch is not for the faint of heart!) and left his mark all over the exam room. He also had to be muzzled, and I got to put the muzzle on(none of the vet techs could do it...have I missed my calling?). And then we had to take him outside to try to get a urine sample, with the vet tech following Solo around with a giant soup ladel. FUN! So hopefully my little guy will be o.k. One thing I will say- he is a much better passenger than Bravo!! Here he is, staring out the car window.

Karina came by for a visit today! Here she is after gathering the eggs.
And with Boulder...

Boulder and a lizard.

Weegie walking with hardly a limp.
Solo knows something's up.
Paco and Randy early in the morning.
Solo travels...Karina in the new garden space.