Sunday, April 20, 2008

Goose on the Roof on a Sunday at the Ranch!

While on the balcony this morning, I heard a honk from a goose and looked over to see one sitting on the roof of the cabin! So this time I ran to get my camera (I'm still wishing I had done so for the coyote sighting) and was able to get a few photos. Then I heard more honking and couldn't figure out where it was coming from- the goose on the cabin roof was talking to another goose and it sounded very close. After doing his or her "business" on the roof, the goose glanced over at me (seriously) and flew off...and suddenly there was a "whoosh" above me and a second goose flew over my head from the roof of the main house! It had been right there above me the whole time. I love the geese and found out that the correct name for them is actually "Canada Geese" not "Canadian Geese". And apparently they really do mate for life- if one of them dies they might find another mate. I was thrilled to finally get some photos...twice in one week!

How do Canada Geese communicate?
While many people only hear the trademark “honk” when geese make noise, there is evidence that Canada geese can communicate with different sounds. Scientists believe that there are as many as 13 different Canada goose calls for things like greetings, warnings and contentment.
Canada geese may be one of the most talkative animals after humans. Goslings, or baby geese, begin communicating with their parents while still in the egg! Once hatched, there is also evidence that they respond differently to different calls and noises from their parents, indicating a sophisticated level of communication.

I love their necks.
It was frosty this morning.

Taking off!
Bravo and I keep trying to come up with the perfect photo. I need to take him to one of those photo booths!

Feline on patrol.
Working on "hen-proofing" (and turkey and deer) the garden!

Solo and Sophia help.

Toby and a ballet move.
Family of deer nap this morning.
I love their ears!

Sophia is hungry after laying an egg.
Talking to Barney's dad...note Paco is watching Barney and the horses eat!
Heading home.
Bravo plans his day.
And the donkeys plan their day!

Lounging pups.