Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Gross-out Factor and Other Ranch Going-ons

Running a ranch, even a mini one...is not for the faint of heart, I am realizing. It was time to "worm" the donkeys again, bringing back fond memories of my first attempt back last June (there have been several successful wormings since then)...when I had to call our neighbor, Barney's mom, for advice (Barney being, of course, the donkey down the road), and I was terrified of overdosing the little donkeys. Now I'm a pro- simply dial down the correct amount and hide it in bread and stuff it in their little mouths (Luigi isn't too fond of this)...and they're good for another three months! In other gross-out news, I encountered a lizard who lost his tail today and another lizard who slithered past me and into the house and somewhere by the computer table...haven't seen him since. As I said, ranch living is NOT for the faint of heart!

One of the types of wormers. It is a nasty paste with all kinds of precautions on the label.
The boys grazing together.
Toby is almost ready to take his act on the road!
Paco charges Toby out of the pasture.
Bravo and Toby find something worth sniffing.

Another stupid toy.
I took the truck (I love the truck!) today and bought some more fencing...for the future garden!
Donkeys in the West Pasture!
The lizard with hardly any tail.
The girls love to hang out around the "watering holes".

Piggie bird!
This one has a red eye.
King Feline.
The girls rush to dinner!

Some unknown person fishing across the way.