Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Haircut, A New Pup (not ours!) and More at the Ranch on a Tuesday

Got a haircut today--keep getting it shorter--this time with layers, so although it may not be noticeable on the blog, it is quite a bit different-- and saw one of the world's cutest puppies- friends of ours got an adorable 9 week old French Bulldog. I might have to dog-nap him!! My dogs were sniffing me when I got home and were very suspicious as to my where-abouts. It is pretty hard to compete with a puppy- but I still think my dogs are cute!

Toby and the clouds.
One of the hens at Camille & Tim's place.
Tim with Oliver the pig!
Baron, one of the world's cutest pups!
Tim, Camille & Baron. Too cute!

My new short & layered hair. I love my hairdresser- she is so much fun.
Tim and Baron.
Oliver the pig again.

Camille and her new "baby"!

Maybe I can sneak him away and they won't notice...
The boys scratching!
Deciding how to spend the day.
Baron on the move.
Proud parents.

Photos don't do him justice!