Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Tuesday & Spoiled Equine at the Ranch

Here's an example of what Paco and Luigi COULD be doing, instead of napping at the ranch!

Happy Tax Day at the ranch! The dogs, donkeys, hens and cat don't have to worry about paying Uncle Sam...they just have to worry about whether or not they'll get enough quality nap time and whether or not dinner time will be remembered! So essentially they have no worries...this morning I spotted the donkeys napping in the sunshine outside the barn and the hens at noon in a place not far from the barn...and later the hens napping by the wheelbarrow...and the dogs napping on the deck or inside on the couch on the VELVET pillows...and Boulder on the bottom of the bed!

This little birdie didn't pay Uncle Sam, either.
Toby's tax day tricks!
The girls rest under the wheelbarrow.

It isn't easy being spoiled equine.
This turk- I call him Hank- seems to be alone a lot.
The girls in another napping spot.
"So, Weegie! What do you want to do today?"

Paco and his beautiful shadow.
You can just spot the donkeys by the barn.

Rough life.
Very rough.

Exhausting, really!