Sunday, April 6, 2008

Luigi is Limping and Solo has Problems...at the Ranch

Just when I thought things were "back to normal" at the ranch...when I went down to the corral this morning, Luigi was limping- holding up his left front hoof and hobbling along. And before that, when I let the dogs out poor Solo had a terrible bout of, let's just say, "the trots"...with blood. So there are two messages in to the vets- one to the equine vet and one to canine vet. Luigi continued to limp all day but seemed o.k. otherwise. Limping in a donkey is NOT good- it can be a sign of other problems, the worst being laminitis. I've consulted my miniature donkey handbook and the internet (for Solo, too) and decided to wait to see what the professionals say- always a good idea!

Papa and Luigi.
Paco always hones in on the attention.
All three terriers out and about. Solo seems fine, despite his problem.

Paco decided to do the Bravo-charge.
More jack rabbits! And Paco watching...

Paco poses on the bench.
Toby in the garden area.

Luigi had a good appetite today.

Bravo is concerned about Luigi's limp.
Poor Solo.

The hens, twice.