Friday, April 11, 2008

Peaceful Friday at the Ranch

A relaxing day at the ranch for all the animals! It was actually rather hot, so the donkeys were using their salt licks quite a bit and the hens were hanging out at one of their many "watering holes". The turks came by to visit and eat whatever food they found. The hens don't seem to mind them at all- it is funny to see them walk right by one another (this is before I chase off the wild turkeys, which is becoming a regular thing). Solo seems to be perking up on his antibiotics, but Bravo is actually holding up his paw again...the leg that was operated on...not a good sign. I may have to put up the metal enclosures again- I'll ask the vet. It is sad, because I know what he really wants to do is go for a leash-free run!! Super Toby!

Blue jay.

Couch potatoes. Paco and the salt and mineral blocks.
Happy in the sunshine.

Toby and the girls.
"Hey, Hank! They sure have good snacks at the ranch!"

Everything is blooming.
Lizard hopes to God I don't see him.

Nothing like a fresh glass of FRESH orange juice!

I love their shadows.
Man, kid and horse across the way.
This odd looking thing is a flying turkey!
Paco loves this bench, and the girls discuss their day.