Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act Officially Makes the Ballot, Solo's Blood Test Results are Fine, and The Farrier Visits...at the Ranch!

"Phase Two" of the animal campaign will now begin- I'll be helping to get the word out to make sure people vote YES in November!
Here the girls look for grubs in the soon-to-be garden.

Our farrier came this morning and the boys were pretty good. They're not too fond of the necessary procedure to keep their hoofs (hooves?) nice and tidy. Hooves (hoofs?) that aren't trimmed regularly grow super long and cause all kinds of nasty problems. We learned something new about our farrier, Brent, today...he has a shunt in his brain that pumps his spinal fluid! He was born three months prematurely and recently had the operation again for updating- he showed us the scar. Looking at him now it is hard to believe he was ever premature! And in other ranch news, Solo's blood test results are fine- so he's been put on antibiotics for a week to clear up whatever is going on with him. And that's about all for today at the ranch!

Playing after dinner.
Brent with Luigi.
Paco waits his turn.
Paco gets comfort from Papa.
Personally, I don't blame the donkeys for not liking this!

Weegie is glad his turn is over!
Cute little birdie.
Weegie looks to see if I'm the farrier.

Boulder joins the rest of the crew.