Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rainy EARTH DAY at the Ranch

This New York Time's SHORT editorial- although a couple of years old- has some interesting facts about "livestock's long shadow"...how NOT eating animal products helps save the environment!
All the animals here at the ranch agree...LOVE animals, don't EAT them!


It was hard to deal with rain today after so many weeks of beautiful weather. Paco and Luigi in particular were not happy about it. I put fresh pine shavings in their barn and gave them both an extra long pre-dinner brushing/rubdown. Too bad they don't have t.v. in their little barn or SOMETHING (Scrabble?)! The hens put themselves to bed an hour earlier than usual, and the dogs made do with the velvet pillows indoors and hunkered down!

Earth Day Egret! I spotted this guy on my way home on Ellen lane and pulled over to snap a shot. I take my camera with me all the time now.

Some suggested "earth friendly" cleaning products! I especially love the way the lemon verbena window cleaner smells. These cleaners are so gentle that you can clean without wearing gloves. In fact, the All-Purpose lemon soap can be used in the shower OR on your car!
Solo approves.
Bravo especially loves the earth-friendly basil-scent dryer sheets!
If you must use paper napkins, go for the recycled ones!

Costco now carries this environmentally friendly laundry detergent and it smells great.
Toby does his tricks before the rain hits.

Paco and Weegie before the rain.
A turkey vulture takes cover.
Back to the dining shelter!

And the ping-pong shelter!