Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Ranch "New Name" Contest...at the Ranch!

Thanks to a great idea suggested by Snap, this is an official announcement of a new-name contest for the ranch. The ranch, we have realized, is really more of a farm than a ranch- even though "ranch" and "Rousseau" seem to go so well together. We have some ideas for new names but are definitely open to suggestions. Should we pick YOUR suggestion, dear blog-reader, you will win a prize! I'm not sure exactly what the prize will be yet...it may be a custom t-shirt with the donkeys & crew and the NEW name...or a dozen eggs courtesy of Sophia & Isabella...or a spectacular vegan cake or vegan donut holes...OR a farm tour, including the rare opportunity to shovel manure! Or special time with the donkeys...we'll see!

Bravo and the poppies.
The hens enjoy some corn.
Things are getting pretty well-grazed!
Toby should teach aerobics or something.
All creatures, great and small.

I call this one our "Hollywood pose" in black and white.
Toby could also teach yoga!!
Dirt-loving terriers.
"You know, Sophia, I've been thinking. How about 'Fine Feathers Farm'???"

Weegie in the sunlight.

Lunatic Farm.