Thursday, April 3, 2008

Six Year Anniversary at Ellen Lane, a.k.a. "The Ranch"!!

Today marks the sixth year anniversary here at "the ranch"!! It is hard to believe that six years ago we had no idea our humble home would evolve to a little ranch with the dogs, donkeys, hens and a cat...and that the kids would move on and grow up (well, we had some idea about that)...today we also put up the fencing for the veggie garden. We're using the same fencing that we use for the donkey pasture and will modify it to keep out the various creatures! I can't wait to have a veggie garden!
Randy has a beer break after work with his boys.

The new garden area.

The "Grow" sign that Snap gave Randy!
Bravo approves.

Isabella in the donkey corral.
Paco talking to himself.
The girls take hen dust baths.
Boulder on the bread oven.

I'm quite attached to my only feline!
Just two of the creatures banned from the future garden!

In the West Pasture.
Six years of remodel memories!
Claire and Bravo and no steps!
I climb up.

Ah, those were the days.
Paul in the old kitchen.
Randy with our first garden.
I dismantle the cabin ceiling.
And Randy takes off the part of the house roof!

Karina with Bravo.
The new tile goes down while Bravo supervises.
Handy Randy.
The first week at the house...Karina and Toby.
Cleaning up the yard.

Lots and lots of work from hardworking Randy!!